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Volume VII, Issue 32

11 – 18 – 18

***** Sunday Edition


Some Odd Events During the Last Month in the U.S.A.


Kids Being Kids?!?

Dateline: Aurora, Colorado

A middle school principal nabbed a juvenile, who wore a clown mask and chased students walking home.

Funny Floridians . . .

Dateline: Big Coppitt Key, Florida

Daryl Royal Riedel, 48, chugged a 16-ounce beer after being stopped for suspicion of drunk driving.


A Sign of the Times?!?

Dateline: Chicago, Illinois

Free milk will be provided to low-income families through March from six sites in Chicago, Melrose Park and Blue Island.


Similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa…

Dateline: San Francisco, California

A new violation against the sinking Millennium Tower was issued after another cracked window was found.


Lax TSA is Good…

Dateline: SeaTac Airport in Seattle, Washington

Visitors are being allowed past security for the first time in nearly two decades. The new program allows greeters to meet or see off loved ones. This “SEA Visitor Pass” meets TSA requirements for domestic travel gates and is certainly must friendlier.


It is Flu Season…

Dateline: Orono, Maine

Researchers at the University of Maine are using a $430K National Institute of Health grant to study immune responses.


State Trooper Caught Red Faced and Red Handed.

Dateline: Silverdale, Washington

Officer Manning has taken down a Confederate flag he flew outside his home after his supervisors were tipped off. Manning claimed he inherited it from his grandfather and was not aware of the negative implications of the symbol.



Climate Change with Bad Effects . . .

Dateline: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Insurance companies state they have received more than 12,000 damage claims after June’s event which was the city’s worst hail storm in 20 years.


Lucky Cats . . .

Dateline: Ledgewood, New Jersey

An animal welfare center rescued 172 cats from a home that had no electricity nor running water.

Poor Cat . . .

Dateline: Cleveland, Ohio

CPD officer Vu Nguyen, who collapsed during a timed 1.5-mile fitness run during 90-degree heat has passed away.


Tax Revenue Reaches a High . . .

Dateline: Juneau, Alaska

State revenue from marijuana taxes has reached a “high” of $1.2 million.


Poor American Veteran . . .

Dateline: Atlanta, Georgia

A USAF vet died after he lit himself on fire in front of the Georgia Capitol while protesting the Veterans Affairs system.


Taking Justice into Thy Own Hands . . .

Dateline: Youngstown, Ohio

A man charged in a human-trafficking investigation apparently fatally shot himself.


Civics Class Gone . . .

Dateline: Park City, Utah

Teacher was placed on-leave for instructing students to read the lyrics of Eminem song that slams President Trump.


post tortouse

“Post Turtle” Donald

Placed There by American Voters and Must be Removed by Others.

He does not know how to get himself down or do the right things while up there.



Now for the Bad News . . .


Dateline: Redmond, Oregon

A woman who was said to be in good health has died from hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which is a disease transmitted through rodent droppings.


Dateline: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Researchers say “Ladders”, a fin whale that washed ashore, was known to them for over 30 years.


Dateline: Jamestown, North Dakota

A landfill worker died when both a dump truck and payloader struck and ran over him.


Dateline: Charleston, South Carolina

The southern pine beetle has returned to the state. The last outbreak during 2000 caused $1.5 billion damages.

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TWWTW: That Was the Week That Was in America


In the North American Wild West . . .


Dateline: Kennewick, Washington

Investigators are involved after a mower operator ran over a human body.


Dateline: Beeville, Texas

Police responded to a report of a snake coming out of a resident’s toilet.


Dateline: St. George, Utah

The Mormon motorcycle club – The Temple Riders – is celebrating its 30th anniversary. No details of what kind of shindig they will have.


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Along the North Atlantic Coast . . .


Dateline: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Four peacocks escaped from the city zoo and caused a major traffic jam on I-76.


Dateline: Trenton, New Jersey

Former Governor Chris Christie opened up a new law firm. It is unclear what type of law he will be practicing.

Dateline: Trenton, New Jersey

President Trump finally declared the state a disaster area after storms during March 6 and 7 resulted in property damages of more than $20 million.


Dateline: Palisades Park, New Jersey

Mayor Rotundo apologized for his mother’s racist Facebook post about Koreans.

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In the American Heartland . . .


Dateline: Kokomo, Indiana

Two children in the care of a 21-year-old woman tested positive for meth and THC and her infant was found severely malnourished.


Dateline: Trenton, New Jersey

July 27-29, 2018, has been set as the state’s “tax-free” holiday.


Dateline: Tupelo, Mississippi

19-year-old Nick Perkins won the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Competition and will represent the town at The Graceland event.


Dateline: Biloxi, Mississippi

Fish and game officials will not reopen the speckled trout season because catches reported by fishermen during the first part of the season sound fishy.


Dateline: Birmingham, Alabama

Deceased gubernatorial candidate Michael McAllister won more than 3,000 votes.


Dateline: Minneapolis, Minnesota

The state’s suicide crisis hotline is preparing to die at the end of June.


Dateline: Columbus, Ohio

The state cancelled a planned $1.1 billion Medicaid cut to hospitals.


Dateline: Box Elder, South Dakota

Fire investigators concluded that May’s fire that destroyed the Ultramax Ammunition Plant was started by accident.


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Elsewhere in the United State of America . . .


Dateline: Long Island, New York


American Dustin Johnson after shooting rounds of 67 and 69 (4 under-par) leads the United States (golf) Open after 36 holes. Americans Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Bubba Watson, Matt Kuchar, Kevin Kisner, Spanyard Sergio Garcia, and Brit Rory McIlroy failed to make the cut. The 72-hole championship is due to conclude on Fathers’ Day.



Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band:


ruby slippers

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TWTWTW= That Was the Week That Was [in the U.S.A.]

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Volume VII, Issue 6             Friday, April 20, 2018        ***** Edition         Only One [$1] Buck

In the North American Wild West . . .

Studio City, California

Dancing With the Stars announced their starting lineup to the next season, which features UCLA graduate Lew Alcindor and his shorter gal dancer. 2018 Olympian ice skaters are not paired together but with more skilled dancers. No word from ABC-TV whether they will make Kareem dance on ice, too.

San Mateo, California

A made man of the Russian Mafia was issued a 3-day eviction notice. No action to date from the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Diocese of Reno who will be sent to be the Exorcist.


Featured Image -- 172

A. E. Neuman

Meanwhile Back in Nation’s Capital . . .

Mirror-al-Lago, Florida

The POTUS was seen in Key West Thursday afternoon after he deported the Japanese President on Wednesday. The Key West Golf Club failed to return our phone calls.

Georgetown Neighborhood, D.C.

Father Karras could not be located. The “Exorcist stairs” are concrete stairs located in Georgetown at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW, leading down to M Street NW. The stairs were padded with 1/2″-thick rubber to film the death of the character Father Karras.

purple niagra falls

Niagra Falls

Within the Heartland of the Continent . . .





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“Seeds” Deserving of a Standing Ovation

I was among the 50 lucky ones to witness the premier of “Seeds” that had all aspects of a great play.

Masterful acting came from an ensemble of nine, which was set in the United States, France, and England during 1944, 1945, 1946, and 1947.


“Seeds” (of French flowers) was symbolic of growing and repairing intimate relationships despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, tragedy, and wartime crimes against the decency of humanity. This gift was presented to Masha (played by Melissa Ortiz) as she revealed a dark secret.

There were over 20 scenes in the 90-minute play without intermission, each scene proceeded with well-chosen jazz, dance, blues, and popular period tunes. At first one may find it challenging to follow but Director and Playwright Anne Yumi Kobori crafted an ingenious way of telling the story and building the plot. The audience immediately was drawn into “Seeds” as it began simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean with two opening scenes on the single stage.

San Francisco’s PianoFight Theatre (144 Taylor Street) plays host to the Utopia Theatre’s “Seeds” during the remaining Friday and Saturday nights until March 24th.

= = =
For more information about this play:

For more information about the founder of the Utopia Theatre Project:

for tickets to the play:
Ticket link:

NFL 7/8 Parlay Wagers Accepted


Max’s Weekly NFL Teaser Card **

Wager $ 50.00 on a 7 or 8-team Parlay and win at 40 to 1 odds


Underdogs galore to choose from:

  • Take Indianapolis Colts (+5.5; over 46.5) at the Minnesota Twin Vikings
  • Take Detroit Lions (+3.5, over/under 40.5) at the New Jersey Giants
  • Your choice – Tennessee Tuxedo Titans (+5.5, o/u 41.5) at the stumbling Kansas City Indian Chiefs
  • Buffalo Bills (-10.5; o/u 41.5) at home versus the hapless Cleveland Indian Browns
  • Your choice / pick ‘em – Philly Eagles (5.5; o/u 40.5) at the Baltimore Ravens
  • Houston Texans (-7.5, o/u 39.5) at home versus the Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (-3.5, o/u 39.5) at the Cincinnati Bengals
  • Green Bay Packers (-7.5, o/u 39.5) at the cold Bears’ Soldiers Field in Chicago

**  Send your wager to and receive a confirmation prior to 9:00 p.m. PST Saturday, December 17, 2016

Obama and Bo the Dog
President Playing Football with Bo

Later games:

  • New Orleans Saints (+1.5, o/u 50.5) at the disappointing Arizona (ought to move back to St. Louis) Cardinals
  • Atlanta Falcons (-13.5, o/u 50.5) hosting the sad San Francisco 49ers (Niners are now actually from Santa Clara and owned by the sinking Jed York family)
  • Denver Broncos (+2.5, o/u 44.5) hosting the cooling down New England Patriots
  • Oakland Raiders! (-3.5, o/u 43.5) at the struggling last-place San Diego Chargers

NBC game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-7.5, o/u 45.5) at the Dallas Cowgirls

MNF: Carolina Panthers (+7.5; o/u 50.5) at the Washington Indian Redskins


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