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Volume VII, Issue 25                          10 – 25 – 18                 Weekend ***** Edition

The Good, Bad, and the Ugly


This Weekend’s Version of

“That Was the Week That Was in America”


[First] The Good News . . .


Dateline: Kansas City, Missouri

A man whose excessive flatulence forced the end of interrogation has pleaded guilty to federal gun and drug charges.


Dateline: Topeka, Kansas

A statue of former president and WWII general Dwight David Eisenhour was erected on the statehouse grounds.


Dateline: Gainesville, Florida

Northeast Park was renamed after iconic rocker Tom Petty, who played there as a boy.


Dateline: Brownsville, Texas

Solid median barriers along highway 48 are being modified to better protect the nesting grounds of pelicans.


Dateline: Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Vice President Mike Pence today is leading a political rally down in Roswell in support of GOP candidates. Future breaking news of his visit may stir up another UFO siting.


Dateline: Quechee, Vermont

The family of a man who jumped from a bridge hopes that a fence built will prevent suicides.

Dateline: Wichita, Kansas

A new crop report shows mostly adequate soil moisture levels across the state.

Dateline: Newport News, Virginia

Jill Biden christened the navy’s newest Virginia-class submarine, named the USS Delaware.

Dateline: Houghton, Michigan

The first phase of a multiyear effort to rebuild the gray wolf population at Isle Royale National Park has concluded.

Dateline: Las Vegas, Nevada

After less that two weeks on the job, Police Chief Jerry Delgado has resigned.

Dateline: Wapakoneta, Ohio

The town has begun a month-long celebration honoring the 50th anniversary of native Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

Dateline: New York, New York

A federal judge has ordered the release of a 2-year-old boy separated from his parents at the Mexican border more than six weeks ago.

Dateline: Rocky Mount, Virginia

The Empire Bakery Commissary plans a $10 million expansion that will create 75 jobs.

                                                            =          =          =



Uncle Jed Sees Post Turtle


Now for the Bad News . . .


Dateline: Madison, Wisconsin

There is a severe shortage of psychiatrists in the state. Twenty of Wisconsin’s 72 counties are without a practicing shrink. Perhaps the reason the governor is crazy like a republican.


Dateline: Portland, Maine

St. Lawrence University has decided NOT to rescind the honorary degree for Senator Susan Collins even in light of her recent Supreme Court nominee confirmation vote.


Dateline: Salem, Oregon

A federal judge denied a request to halt a logging operation in the Umpqua National Forest. The Umpqua National Bank is denying any involvement in this case.


Dateline: Santa Fe, New Mexico

The state agency that helps disabled Americans find work is telling job seekers to go away, citing its own financial woes.


Dateline: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Researchers say “Ladders”, a fin whale that washed ashore, was known to them for over 30 years.


Dateline: Key West, Florida

Nearly 3,000 have left the island chain to relocate following Hurricane Irma last year.


Dateline: Rindge, New Hampshire

Pigs are seeking the public’s help to find a white man who poured maple syrup on a police cruiser.


Dateline: St. Joseph, Tennessee

Authorities say a 10-year-old girl was accidently shot in the head by her twin brother.


Dateline: Auburn, Maine

The local police department is going to start shaming shoplifters by posting mug shots online in order to deal with their “out-of-control” problem.


 . . . wishing for no more bad news

Dateline: Olympia, Washington

Voters in two counties were mistakenly sent ballot-return envelops requiring two stamp postage.


Dateline: Jackson, Mississippi

Four Louisiana men pleaded not guilty in trying to bribe the Kemper County sheriff with $2,000 in casino chips while seeking lucrative jail contracts.


Dateline: Montpelier, Vermont

The Attorney General says scammers pretending to be utility companies are calling customers to demand payments for electricity.


Dateline: Pauls Valley, Oklahoma

Financially troubled Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center has closed.


=          =          =

The Ugly News . . .


Dateline: West Helena, Arkansas

An animal shelter says someone has been breaking in and using stolen dogs for dogfights.


Dateline: York, South Carolina

Bedbugs have been found in the offices at the Moss Justice Center.


Dateline: Monroe, Wisconsin

It is believed that skeletal remains found by deer hunters in Adams County are those of a man missing since 2017.


Dateline: Helena, Montana

A good doctor died when his rifle discharged after he returned from a hunting trip.


Dateline: St. Paul, Minnesota

State officials state more than 300 people have died as a result of traffic crashes in 2018.


More ugly and sad news stories …

Dateline: Sullivan, Missouri

Authorities say an 81-year-old man drowned after crashing his car into a neighborhood pond and then trying to retrieve and save his groceries.


Dateline: Hodges, South Carolina

Deputies say a 17-year-old shooting at a street sign accidently killed a man sitting at home on his front porch.


Dateline: Youngstown, Ohio

A man charged in a human-trafficking investigation apparently fatally shot himself.


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“The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles”


The Dailey Sun~Chronicles 8-18-18

In the North American Wild West . . .

Dateline: Salt Lake City, Utah

Police are looking for owner of a loaded .380-pistol found on a baby changing table in the aquarium women’s bathroom. Authorities are unsure whether to file charges but are determined to return the gun to its owner.


Dateline: Tacoma, Washington

A group dedicated to fighting white supremacy in the community is behind a new billboard that reads, “There are Nazis in Our Neighborhood.” The group has already removed offensive fliers and protested a local business.


Dateline: Reno, Nevada

A suspected drunken driver was arrested going the wrong way on Interstate 80 after side-swiping two cars, including a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser. The driver eventually exited the freeway, lost control and crossed four lanes of traffic before stopping on the sidewalk.

                                                            =          =          =

Along the North Atlantic Coast . . .


Dateline: Auburn, Maine

The local police department is going to start shaming shoplifters by posting mug shots online in order to deal with their “out-of-control” problem.


Dateline: Waldo, Florida

After being #1 for almost a quarter of a century, the towns of Lawtey and Waldo are no longer being designated by AAA as “Traffic Traps.”

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Remembering Last Summer’s Solar Eclipse



In the American Heartland . .

Dateline: Columbus, Ohio

The Libertarian Party of Ohio has regained state recognition for the first time in nearly four years. Libertarians have submitted more than the 54,964 signatures need to regain ‘minor party’ status.


Dateline: Chattanooga, Tennessee

The state’s largest health insurers are cutting premiums for individual plans under the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchange market. Blue Shield plans a 10.9% reduction and Cigna premiums will drop 4.8%.


Dateline: Fargo, North Dakota

The Fargo Public Library is eliminating overdue fines for all children’s materials in an effort to increase literacy.


Dateline: Madison, Wisconsin

The state could rake in an additional $90 million in Internet sales taxes this fiscal year if lawmakers start collection this fall. $120 million is estimated to be Wisconsin’s take during 2019.


Dateline: Peru, Indiana

State Police drug busts have netted what they call “Donald J. Trump-shaped” ecstasy pills.

trump scream

                                                                        =          =          =

Elsewhere in the United State of America . . .

Dateline: Also in Chattanooga

Sixty-year-old Jonathan Manlove has filed a class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen’s auto plant claiming age discrimination.


Dateline: Las Vegas

Democrats are outpacing Republicans in voter registrations for a third straight month capturing an 8,623 to 5,830 edge over the G.O.P. in the county.



Dateline: Los Angeles

Silver Lake Medical Center is suspected of discharging hundreds of homeless patients and dumping sick people back on the streets. The Center has agreed to pay a $550,000.00 legal settlement.


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Volume VII, Issue 18                                  

8 – 18 – 18                  

Saturday’s ***** Edition     

TWTWTW= That Was the Week That Was [in the U.S.A.]

The San Dailey Sun- Chronicles

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 “Newspapers are worth the price you pay; if free, they are worth nothing”

Volume VII, Issue 6             Friday, April 20, 2018        ***** Edition         Only One [$1] Buck

In the North American Wild West . . .

Studio City, California

Dancing With the Stars announced their starting lineup to the next season, which features UCLA graduate Lew Alcindor and his shorter gal dancer. 2018 Olympian ice skaters are not paired together but with more skilled dancers. No word from ABC-TV whether they will make Kareem dance on ice, too.

San Mateo, California

A made man of the Russian Mafia was issued a 3-day eviction notice. No action to date from the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Diocese of Reno who will be sent to be the Exorcist.


Featured Image -- 172

A. E. Neuman

Meanwhile Back in Nation’s Capital . . .

Mirror-al-Lago, Florida

The POTUS was seen in Key West Thursday afternoon after he deported the Japanese President on Wednesday. The Key West Golf Club failed to return our phone calls.

Georgetown Neighborhood, D.C.

Father Karras could not be located. The “Exorcist stairs” are concrete stairs located in Georgetown at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW, leading down to M Street NW. The stairs were padded with 1/2″-thick rubber to film the death of the character Father Karras.

purple niagra falls

Niagra Falls

Within the Heartland of the Continent . . .





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World War Three? Who, What, When, Y?

Even the Queen of the U.K., for the first time since the ‘Cold War’ in 1983, is thinking that World War III can begin tonight.

If we take her royal highness’ word for it, we can hold our collective breath, prepare, ignore, or do something about it.

What will it be?

Excuse me, I am going to take a pill . . .

Focus, Direct Attention Domestically and with North America

Dailey Status:

this is what I formally communicated today and

posted on-line . . .

I used to be a Dem and Rep, myself. I’ve spoken with the WH twice this afternoon (WH Press Office) I am trying to make peace with a focus on North America – I believe Stormy and Syrian news items should take low priority – we , the US, needs to direct more attention domestically and with the Country of Cuba; consider the US Monroe Doctrine!


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Rocky Mountain Love

Throw Back Weekend Memories


Just thinking about how sweet times were. We spent quality time whenever together. In retrospect, loving relationships are usually not so positive as ours was.

Sure times were tough but together it didn’t seem to mind us. Both extroverts, we didn’t lose sight and one-on-one connection we had. There were so many things to enjoy. Even the mundane was joyful.

What made my last love wonderful is that we both loved God. With none of my past romantic relationships was this so true. Sundays we were happy to explore different Christian worship and Bible study services together.

Given our common interests and times we spent, it is hard to believe we have not seen or spoken for more than a year.  The miles and circumstances have kept us apart.

Colorado River Westernly Flow through Glenwood Canyon

I thought a reunion was iniment after she got out of prison. I was thinking that she wanted to build back her self-esteem before living together as we had planned. I was willing to wait.

Now we have missed spending a Christmas, birthdays, and Mothers’ Day together. We still have our memories when meeting in the Rocky Mountains. Thus my hope has waned. Yet my love remains.

My last love. I understand how other people who might have spent decades married cannot form another loving relationship. While never married I feel like I was fully committed.

What a “sap”. I still carry around the letters, the last ones written last September 2015, she sent me from prison in Northern Nevada.

Fortunately, she was released early. She never should have been incarcerated but perhaps you have seen how determined insurance company lawyers can be. Her crime was to take her elderly mother’s car, without asking permission, across state lines into California and totaling the sedan. Mom was too upset to halt the legal proceedings. I have seven month of love letters sent from prison to prove it. A good prisoner she was. Quickly becoming a trustee helping to prepare meals for about 55 fellow prisoners.

When you read this, perhaps God, you will urge her to get in touch with me, soon.

= = = = =

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Last Night in “Glentucky” – New Year’s – 2000 Hours – Five Degrees Above Farenheit – Waxing to a Full Moon on 1-5-2015

I am warm inside a bed and breakfast close to downtown Glenwood Springs, Colorado. My friends who I have met in the regional homeless community are either staying in the basement of a Christian church in West Glenwood or in the basement of a Catholic church in Aspen. Each overnight program has many more than 20 participants. This does not include the multitude of families and children who locally receive food assistance. Dozens of other homeless people are ‘camping out’ even though the location they end up sleeping at may be a criminal defense.

Glenwood Springs Amtrak Station near the Colorado River
Glenwood Springs Amtrak Station near the Colorado River

In “Glentucky” alone, over 60 adults attended tonight’s Extended Table dinner hour in the basement of the First Methodist Church Tonight it was hosted by St. Mary of the Star Roman Catholic Church of Carbondale, Colorado, which is located about 15 miles south of Glenwood Springs and 25 miles north of Aspen. In Garfield County, there are four towns that serve some evening hot meals. Glenwood Springs and Aspen have daytime shelters for homeless and disadvantaged adults.

I will write more about how it was living almost seven consecutive months in this region of the United States of America. Right now I have to resume my packing… the next freight train going west leaves Glentucky about Noon.

P. S. On 12/31/14, I left a Janzsport backpack in the 1st Methodist Church basement dining room. It had a smartphone, 15 year old address book, passport, banking documents, and other personal effects. I never saw it again.

I tried to contact the church and the town’s homeless daycare center… no luck.

So hard, if not impossible to replace stuff like that.

Less than a week later, I got off the Amtrak train ill. Went to a hospital in Reno.

A day after that, my wallet was pickpocketed across from Harrah’s Casino on Reno’s Virginia Street. [needless to say, in retrospect 2015 sucked!]

Honestly, Reno Nevada = the worst city in the USA to be homeless!

Reno Treats Houseless People So, So Poorly… O Lord Have Mercy

Reno gets what it deserves… a series of earthquakes today on Christmas Eve, Eve.

The so-called “Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada” are not a Roman Catholic organization any longer. Run by bureaucrats and funded by federal, state, Washoe County, Douglas County, City of Reno, City of Sparks funds, and private charitable contributions from well-meaning Americans and others just looking for an income tax write-off.

Please give the needy what they need. Solutions, not excuses and half-baked ideas.

RENO (Nevada) ! Oh the way they treat houseless people is disgusting… the ghetto on Record Street, created by the Reno City Council, is a joke!

Catholic Charities USA in Reno Nevada is NOT A CATHOLIC ORGANIZATION but a group collecting federal, state, local, and private donations to cover their “administrative costs” and serve those god-awful lunches at St. Vincent’s Dining Room (no relation to St. Vincent of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul (headquartered in the Archdiocese of St. Louis)… ‘come on, man!

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