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A Book of Angels

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Artist depiction of the first triad of angels closest to God

Seraphim – Cherubim – Ophanim

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+ 93 full-color illustrations

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Double Dare Appeals to POTUS but not US

Moral of the Story: Do NOT vote for Judge Brett Kavanaugh

This evening, Sept. 27, 2018, the world is witnessing the in-justice-like behavior of Trump’s nominee. Ironically, in our democratic society we cannot vote.

Many of us in the US are praying that Senators Flake (Arizona), Sen. Sasse (Nebraska), Senators from Alaska (representing native USA tribes), New England (where consumer rights are threatened), Missouri, Montana, Indiana, and others cannot consent to having such an extreme political law person on the high court.

Kavanaugh showed no empathy for sexual abusive behavior of victims.

Brett’s temperament is wrong for any American judge – let alone allow him to practice law on the Supreme Court.

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Part VI – Psychoanalysis of an Ex-Lover’s Major Life-Changing Event

Max's Scout Services & Communications of the Americas WebBlog

May Day ’18

Bon Jovi sang it best, I did my part but she didn’t. I was ‘shot through the heart and you’re to blame, she gives LOVE a bad name.

Thus she gives LOVE a bad name.


Amazing that John Bon Jovi never met the “Church Lady of MPPC”

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“The Exorcist”

‘The Exorcist San Francisco-Style’

Unfortunately, for our federal government this movie was filmed in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C.

Imagine Georgetown:
The “Exorcist stairs” are concrete stairs located in Georgetown at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW, leading down to M Street NW. The stairs were padded with 1/2″-thick rubber to film the death of the character Father Karras.


Go see for yourself next time you are lost looking for national monuments, parks, museums, and your unreliable congressperson.

Mr. Parlay

$50 wagers due Friday at noon PST

Here We Go Irish, Here We Go!!

NCAA Football Games Scheduled for

Friday, November 25th & Saturday, November 26th

(week #14)

Friday Nights Lights in Austin: Texas Longhorns  [-1.5}vs. TCU Horned Frogs

Arizona St. Sun Devils at Tucson’s Univ. Of Arizona Wildcats [+3.5]

Unranked 5-6 Indiana Hoosiers (-13.5; over 59.5) hosting the 3-8 Purdue Boilers for the Bucket

#10 Western Michigan “11-0” Broncos [-6.5; ov 50.5] vs. Toledo Rockets in Kalamazoo

-10.5 (63.5)  University of South Florida Bulls at home versus UCF

[-28.5; 60.5] #17 Nebraska Cornhuskers [+3.5, ov 46.5} in Iowa City against the Iowa Hawkeyes on Friday

(59.5) #23 Washington State University in Pullman versus the #6 Washington Huskies

+6.5  (53.5)  Florida Gators at  Florida State Seminoles

 – – – – – – 7 or 8 team parlay wagers, only

$50.00 Maximum and Minimum Wagers.

[ * * * for musement only * * * ]

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No Progress in Homelessness Issues in Over 4.5 years within the County of San Mateo, Northern California

The homeless issues are similar but completely different here, in Denver, and in Garfield County – Western Colorado…

Buck At Home In Nor Cali

This is embarrassing: The following article was written and letters sent to officials of all these local governments over four (4) years ago.

Nothing has improved!

February 24, 2012

Early Morning PST

= = = = =

At the Sequoia Station I met a new friend. Like me last year, Mac E., is now homeless…… been so for seven years now. The socioeconomic conditions are such that unless you are under 30 and either have connections with hiring managers or have skills in the high-tech and biotechnology area, you can’t get a job.

Another example is Buck D. He has been unemployed for 38 months “homeless” for 14 of those months, and had only one opportunity to interview for a well-paying position. Granted it was only a telephone screening but none the less, it was an interview.

Finding resources to self-help their plight and future does not come easy. The…

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Joe Biden for President

Come on Colorado, Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Illinois . . .

Don’t take us back to 1992-1999, beware of the war-mongering, smooth southern-drawling, Clinton Empire

Max's Scout Services & Communications of the Americas WebBlog

Draft Joe to be the U.S.’s 45th President.

Join US to draft Vice President
Biden to serve another four years in D.C.voterepDem

Write the Democratic National Committeepersons (130+) demo leaders and your Democratic Party representatives presently serving in the Senate or House.

For instance:

  • Senator Barbara Boxer
  • Representative Nancy Pelosi
  • Representative Jackie Speier
  • Senator Di-Fi Feinstein
  • Senator Joe (of Indiana) Donnelley

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