Mental Health Day 2018

On World Mental Health Day, Boehringer Ingelheim, is proud to support this annual milestone by showcasing a new way of thinking around the challenges of CNS research.  Launching this week, our comprehensive interactive information map showcases how our CNS team is committed to taking bold steps in their CNS research. By starting with how brain circuits malfunction and investigating these pathways, our aim is to alleviate the resulting symptoms that negatively impact on the daily lives of millions of people affected by mental illness: from memory loss, lack of motivation to cognitive impairment, we are looking at these symptoms.


As a company, we actively support the annual World Mental Health Day, to raise awareness of the burden many people face around the world and because we believe, each of us can contribute to ensure that people dealing with problems concerning mental health can live better lives with dignity. And: even if there are setbacks from time to time, our Commitment Never Stops.

Our information platform is designed for everyone and aims to:

  • deliver fast facts and figures on mental illness and brain disorders and the vital symptoms of these conditions
  • allow the user to dive as deep as he/she likes
  • explain personal experiences from people suffering from mental health symptoms
  • showcase our neurobiological scientific research to improve our understanding of the brain and ultimately, find effective solutions for brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia or major depressive disorder
  • explain the latest brain circuit research to find not only pharmaceutical solutions, but also how we are exploring ways to improve mental health through brain training and other innovative non-pharmacological treatments
  • show how our collaborations with leading researchers across the globe can collectively combine efforts and achieve results.


The Dailey Sun~Chronicles 8-18-18

In the North American Wild West . . .

Dateline: Salt Lake City, Utah

Police are looking for owner of a loaded .380-pistol found on a baby changing table in the aquarium women’s bathroom. Authorities are unsure whether to file charges but are determined to return the gun to its owner.


Dateline: Tacoma, Washington

A group dedicated to fighting white supremacy in the community is behind a new billboard that reads, “There are Nazis in Our Neighborhood.” The group has already removed offensive fliers and protested a local business.


Dateline: Reno, Nevada

A suspected drunken driver was arrested going the wrong way on Interstate 80 after side-swiping two cars, including a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser. The driver eventually exited the freeway, lost control and crossed four lanes of traffic before stopping on the sidewalk.

                                                            =          =          =

Along the North Atlantic Coast . . .


Dateline: Auburn, Maine

The local police department is going to start shaming shoplifters by posting mug shots online in order to deal with their “out-of-control” problem.


Dateline: Waldo, Florida

After being #1 for almost a quarter of a century, the towns of Lawtey and Waldo are no longer being designated by AAA as “Traffic Traps.”

                                                            =          =          =


Remembering Last Summer’s Solar Eclipse



In the American Heartland . .

Dateline: Columbus, Ohio

The Libertarian Party of Ohio has regained state recognition for the first time in nearly four years. Libertarians have submitted more than the 54,964 signatures need to regain ‘minor party’ status.


Dateline: Chattanooga, Tennessee

The state’s largest health insurers are cutting premiums for individual plans under the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchange market. Blue Shield plans a 10.9% reduction and Cigna premiums will drop 4.8%.


Dateline: Fargo, North Dakota

The Fargo Public Library is eliminating overdue fines for all children’s materials in an effort to increase literacy.


Dateline: Madison, Wisconsin

The state could rake in an additional $90 million in Internet sales taxes this fiscal year if lawmakers start collection this fall. $120 million is estimated to be Wisconsin’s take during 2019.


Dateline: Peru, Indiana

State Police drug busts have netted what they call “Donald J. Trump-shaped” ecstasy pills.

trump scream

                                                                        =          =          =

Elsewhere in the United State of America . . .

Dateline: Also in Chattanooga

Sixty-year-old Jonathan Manlove has filed a class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen’s auto plant claiming age discrimination.


Dateline: Las Vegas

Democrats are outpacing Republicans in voter registrations for a third straight month capturing an 8,623 to 5,830 edge over the G.O.P. in the county.



Dateline: Los Angeles

Silver Lake Medical Center is suspected of discharging hundreds of homeless patients and dumping sick people back on the streets. The Center has agreed to pay a $550,000.00 legal settlement.


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Volume VII, Issue 18                                  

8 – 18 – 18                  

Saturday’s ***** Edition     

“Self-Help” Books for Living Life with Love, Truth, Joy, Peace, and a Sense of Humor

Lessons I have learned from my dogs . . .

Reading, relaxing, and cooking ideas.

Max's Scout Services & Communications of the Americas WebBlog

Newly published, Lessons Learned From Dogs

Here are a few examples . . .

  •  On a hot day, drink water, and lie down under a shade tree.

           *      All work and no play is just plain no fun.

  •  Invite your dog to watch TV with you.

           *    If you wake up in the middle of the night, go right back to sleep.

  •  Humans cannot hear as well a dog. Maybe we need to listen harder?

           *     If what you need is buried, keep digging and you will find it.

Hardcopies may be ordered from Barnes & Noble or Amazon for $13.95.
Outskirts Press also has e-books for $10 available at:

Lessons Learned From Dogs


Another humorous book, this one about food, by D.A. Dailey:

Confessions of An Oenophile (wine lover) 

Comfort Foods for Dinner Guests and the Entire Family – There are many…

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The Dailey Sun~Chronicles: Volume 7, Issue 11 with News Bulletins Across the U.S.A.

TWWTW: That Was the Week That Was in America


In the North American Wild West . . .

Dateline: Aspen, Colorado

One dude pleaded guilty for throwing bottles of alcohol, bleach, and titanium oxide into the Roaring Fork River.


Dateline: Honolulu, Hawai’i

Japanese tourists, who interrupted a group of men injecting drugs in a restroom face $50,000.00 in medical costs from being assaulted.


Dateline: Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

The local resort estimates that 30,000 golf balls have accumulated on the floor of the lake bed near a floating golf green.

                                                            =          =          =

Along the North Atlantic Coast . . .

Dateline: Providence, Rhode Island

Laws are being written to prohibit leasing arrangements for pets.

Dateline: Albany, New York

A series of cybersecurity drills are being conducted to see how vulnerable the state’s election system is to hacking.

                                                           =          =          =

In the American Heartland . . .

Dateline: Harrisburg, Arkansas

Mayor Millis is searching for a new police chief after demoting the previous on for ‘disrespectfulness.’

Dateline: Paw Paw, Michigan

Police were told of a man shot in the neck while searching for deer antlers. He was charged for filing a false felony report when it was learned that the ‘victim’ fell on an arrow.

Dateline: Topeka, Kansas

Ten stretches of memorial roadways are being designated to honor fallen state law enforcement officers.


                                                                        =          =          =

Brown Bear After Dad


Elsewhere in the United State of America . . .

Dateline: Sarasota, Florida

A couple woke up to find a 300-pound alligator in their swimming pool.



Let it be:



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The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles – Memorial Day 2018 Issue


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Volume VII, Issue 7             Monday, May 28, 2018                    ***** Edition  Only $1


TWWTW: That Was the Week That Was in America


In the North American Wild West . . .


Dateline: Cheyenne, Wyoming

For the first time in over 44 years, the Game and Fish Commission approved grizzly bear hunting. Opponents are disturbed that the animal’s population might grow extinct while being targeted by the NRA.


Dateline: Roswell, New Mexico

The Senior Special Olympics need 500 more volunteers for the scheduled games which run from July 18 to July 22, 2018.


Dateline: Denver, Colorado

A record was set in the sale of recreational marijuana. In March, it hit the $105 million mark.

     Featured Image -- 172                                                       =          =         

Along the North Atlantic Coast . .

Dateline: Tallahassee, Florida

The state crime rate has hit a 47 year all-time low. The shootings at high schools did not figure into the statistics.

Dateline: Providence, Rhode Island

The Roman Catholic diocese reports that no man has signed up for the Class of 2020 seminary school, which resumes this fall.

                                                           =          =         

In the American Heartland . .

Dateline: Indianapolis, Indiana

Besides the fact that a foreigner (Australian #12 Will Power) won the Indianapolis 500, some find it odd that Hoosier gas station owners are training staff to identify patrons and report them to police if they indeed think buyers are involved in human trafficking.

Dateline: Lincoln, Nebraska

A hearing is scheduled whether to restore Nebraska’s mountain lion hunting season. The season was stopped six years ago. Why? The NRA is looking into it.

Dateline: Bolivar, Missouri

87-year-old J. Donald Baker died after piloting a single engine airplane. The refuge landed at the Silo Ridge Golf Course. Observers wonder if he was late for his tee-time.


                                                                        =          =         

Elsewhere in the United State of America . .

New Yorker Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Championship!  Odds are unlikely that despite the efforts of two dozen Republican congresspersons, reigning President Donald J. Trump will receive any peace prize.

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Part III in a Series: Psychoanalysis of a Major Life-Changing Event (of an Ex-Wif)

Back to May Day ’18:

Some people think a new marriage is about money, others cite companionship as the #1 answer, and many point to greed.

Maybe it is due to fate. After all it is the Year of the Dog. But honestly, something doesn’t smell good here and I am not speaking of the other’s ass.

A neighbor told me it was a very convenient relationship of two divorcees. So a marriage of convenience seems like an idea worth thinking on for a pair of seniors.

I imagine money motivates some personalities. Financial insecurity is a big deal for many singles on a single income. Having a pension plan or significant 401K is something most Americans do not have.

Living with someone has both physical and economic security advantages. Love tends to be overrated, I suppose.

Excuse me, I am going to walk my dog and go take a cat nap.


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TWTWTW= That Was the Week That Was [in the U.S.A.]

The San Dailey Sun- Chronicles

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Volume VII, Issue 6             Friday, April 20, 2018        ***** Edition         Only One [$1] Buck

In the North American Wild West . . .

Studio City, California

Dancing With the Stars announced their starting lineup to the next season, which features UCLA graduate Lew Alcindor and his shorter gal dancer. 2018 Olympian ice skaters are not paired together but with more skilled dancers. No word from ABC-TV whether they will make Kareem dance on ice, too.

San Mateo, California

A made man of the Russian Mafia was issued a 3-day eviction notice. No action to date from the Archdiocese of San Francisco and Diocese of Reno who will be sent to be the Exorcist.


Featured Image -- 172

A. E. Neuman

Meanwhile Back in Nation’s Capital . . .

Mirror-al-Lago, Florida

The POTUS was seen in Key West Thursday afternoon after he deported the Japanese President on Wednesday. The Key West Golf Club failed to return our phone calls.

Georgetown Neighborhood, D.C.

Father Karras could not be located. The “Exorcist stairs” are concrete stairs located in Georgetown at the corner of Prospect St NW and 36th St NW, leading down to M Street NW. The stairs were padded with 1/2″-thick rubber to film the death of the character Father Karras.

purple niagra falls

Niagra Falls

Within the Heartland of the Continent . . .





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World War Three? Who, What, When, Y?

Even the Queen of the U.K., for the first time since the ‘Cold War’ in 1983, is thinking that World War III can begin tonight.

If we take her royal highness’ word for it, we can hold our collective breath, prepare, ignore, or do something about it.

What will it be?

Excuse me, I am going to take a pill . . .

Focus, Direct Attention Domestically and with North America

Dailey Status:

this is what I formally communicated today and

posted on-line . . .

I used to be a Dem and Rep, myself. I’ve spoken with the WH twice this afternoon (WH Press Office) I am trying to make peace with a focus on North America – I believe Stormy and Syrian news items should take low priority – we , the US, needs to direct more attention domestically and with the Country of Cuba; consider the US Monroe Doctrine!


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