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Excerpt from “Country Corner – Germ Warfare”

Excerpt from the Screenplay, “Country Corner – Germ Warfare”.

In a big voice Jo Jo cheers, “Let’s go Sharks!

Ah choo, Ah choo. Ah choo!”

“You are sneezing on the floor,” remarks frightened Benji.

“Oh sheet, the Tall One is getting the flu. Stay away from me. Benji, step back from Jo Jo.” Roscoe continues his verbal tirade, “You are going to kill somebody. Spreading the flu is murder!”

via Excerpt from the Screenplay, “Country Corner – Germ Warfare”.


D. A. D.’s Status Report on the Screenplay “The Last Resort” and Motivated to Give Up Casino Life for Lent (40 Days)

 and Dateline: 2-20-2015

County of Douglas, Northern Nevada

fyi, I’m still sick as a dog

  • my joints and muscles feel like I got beat up by two old ladies.
  • My stomach is spasming and cramping after this feta cheese + spinach stuffed pig  tenderloin lunch.

I ate a warm noon meal at the Sr. center… just finishing up…

and nope, I am not playing bingo with the rest of the folks.

Two (2) casinos 86’ed me for the day… I guess I will give up casino life for this Lenten Season.


Thanks to Mr. James of the C.O.D. Garage and Casino on 3595 Esmeralda Avenue in historic downtown Minden for throwing me out twice (4:00 a.m. and 7:15 a.m.). Mr. J. had someone cash-out my electronic-computer-generated winnings ticket. It was for $19.75. The dude came back with $14.75. I did not notice the missing Lincoln. The messenger was given 3 authentic sort-of-silver quarters as a tip. This casino beat me by $6.00.


The other casino had Mr. Pete eject me from the hotel lobby outside the business center – this center is about the size of two linen closets with two PCs, no office supplies, an aged printer, and no Microsoft software loaded on it.  I keep telling myself that the BDI is a resort, not a four star hotel, motor lodge, and camper park. At this casino, I cashed-out my computer-generated winnings ticket for $14.25. Go figure… I tipped both bartenders 4 silver-clad or copper sandwiched US quarters. Thus, this casino beat me by $8.25.

Well, at least the BDI gave me two shots of some sort of Kahlua-flavored liquer for breakfast.

Still cannot get green handing suitcase from the Holiday Lodge, but called the US Marshals office and the state (Nevada) Attorney’s Oriface.  Ms. Jackie is the owner who split town yesterday.

I missed the train from Reno this morning.

There is always another train at the same time the following day.


“I Choose Love” — Happy V-D ’15 —

Christian author Max Lucado is a preacher with a storyteller’s gift, a pastor’s heart, and a poet’s pen.

I Choose Joy…

I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance.

I will refuse the temptation to be cynical.

I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God.

I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God.

Max’s sermons begin at home with the congregation of Oak Hills Church near San Antonio, which he has led for more than 25 years. It is in this setting that his stories are first told, from a pastor’s heart.

Eventually some of these sermons and stories are refined and fashioned into books that are shared far beyond the walls of Oak Hills and the city limits of Texas. Max’s writings are around the world nowadays in more than 54 languages via more than 120 million products. Most of these products are books (over 92,000,000 distributed), occupying ratings on every major national bestseller list.

Max Lucado has been featured over the years in countless national media outlets. He has been dubbed “America’s Pastor” by Reader’s Digest and even The New York Times Max named Max one of the most influential leaders this century in social media.

Max’s pastor’s heart, which longs to encourage the brokenhearted and to bind-up/heal the hurt and pain, moves Max to another sermon and his next book. His mission is simple —by God— to overflow toward others His grace and encouragement that has been lavished on him and others he has witnessed.

To begin with; Max was born in a small town in West Texas, as the youngest son of an oil field mechanic and a nurse. He grew up ‘churched’ but as a teenager took a different road by walking away from his parent’s faith.

Wanted: Great Workers and Contractors (for Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas, LLC); Pls. send resumes to:!

 Help Wanted:

Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas, LLC

To:      Max’s Scout Services & Communications LLC Staff

D. A. Dailey Publishing & Associates

From:   David A. Dailey, Founder

Re:      “Cafeteria Plan” of Benefits for Full-Time Employees 

Regular employees (not consultants, nor contractors) who work 35 hours or more every week shall be eligible for the associates’ benefit package. Eligible workers may select three items from any of these potential benefit benefits:

  1. Paid Vacation (up to 1 day for every 30 days of full-time worked)
  2. Telephone and Internet Use from Smartphone
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Health Club Membership
  6. Participation in the Annual Company Retreat (all expenses paid); for example, trip to view the Tour de France, Fall Weekend Trip to a Notre Dame Football Game, or Kayaking in Maui.
Glenwood Springs Amtrak Station near the Colorado River
Glenwood Springs Amtrak Station near the Colorado River
  1. Use of a Company-Owned or Leased Motor Vehicle for Personal Use
  2. Paid 30 or 60 Minute Lunch Break Whenever Working 8 or 9 Hour Shifts
  3. More Than 5 days/year Personal Leave (up to 10 per calendar year)
  4. Five Days/Year Paid Sick Days
  5. Business-Related Travel by Personal Vehicle Reimbursed at 60.0 Cents / Mile.
  6. Dental Insurance
  7. College Tuition Assistance



Employee Benefits or Contract Positions Available at “a living wage”

Summer Highlights from the Rockies (not speaking of the baseball team)

“The Dailey Sun-Times”

August 2014

*  Our motto is ‘Feliz! Feliz! Feliz!’ or ‘Happy, happy, happy!’ *


Colorado River Westernly Flow through Glenwood Canyon
Colorado River Westernly Flow through Glenwood Canyon

From the reporters’ notebooks:


Despite the many shenanigans the Rifle City Council pulls to rennovate the old movie theatre, the first event with the classic American cowboy quartet Riders in the Sky was pulled off on Friday, July 18.

In fact the sold-out show started five minutes early. General admission tickets for $25 were sold through City Markets, the event was produced by Sandstone Concerts of Grand Junction, and partial sponsorship was obtained by KMTS “Your Brand of Country” music station.

Doors opened up to the line of hundreds of fans at 6:56 p.m. Some came as far as Greeley. Those waiting patiently in line were asked who their favorite cowboy is. John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Hoots Gibson, and Tom Mix were some of the answers.

What Riders in the Sky song fans were looking forward to hearing included: “Water”, “Slaying of the Slug”, “Ghost Riders”, “Side Meat”, “Reincarnation”, and “Lone Ranger.”

Yodeling is one of the band’s signature acts and security asked our newspaper reporter to leave at this point of the program. Reactions of the fans were not solicited after the concert.



The rock and roll group Missing Link played the last set of Strawberry Days on Sunday, June 22nd. Their finale included songs like “Oh What a Night,” Linda Ronstadt’s “Can’t Go Home,” “La Bomba,” and other popular songs by the Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, the Go-Gos, Guess Who, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Pat Benatar, and the Doobie Brothers. The harmony of lead singers Holly and Kim proved magic in inspiring the crowd to dance.



This cafe is a great eat for baked goods, like cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins, Boar’s Head premium roast beef, and quiche. It is located at 730 Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs.

The Bluebird roasts its own Silver Sky Coffee beans in Silk, Colorado, at 5,432 feet above sea level with Rocky Mountain water.



You will come across great dinner music in New Castle. Keyboardist Billy thinks of himself as a lucky guy, particularly after Doyle’s help from Lubbock, Texas, and getting his buddy Joel to be sideman on recent recordings of ten songs. All the while they kept their recording session on key.  They also included Mac Davis’ ‘Barstools and Babies Don’t Mix’ on the CD.

Billy’s musical lyrics are provacative. Such as during ‘Living the Lies’, he sings “how many people do we know… tell me you know one.” Billy is very articulate in playing the piano and keyboards. ‘Walking the Tightropes,’ and ‘She Caught Me Napping,’ are other original songs.

On the patio at the restaurant, Billy sings many popular artists’ songs.



The last song of the Center for the Arts summer concert series in Two Rivers Park was the Greatful Dead’s “Ripple” played by Halden Wofford and the High Beams. The Rocky Mountain Honky Tonk band was their opening act on July 30. This was the final act of the six consecutive weeks of Wednesday night entertainment that began on June 25.

The first band delighted the crowd with “Scarecrow from Kentucky.”

Tax deductible donations are needed to continue this and other programs throughout the year. Call (970) 945-2414 and go on-line



This is a ‘Draconion Law.’ Domestic security procedures have been established indefinately. Persons apprehended are treated similar to terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Bradley was unable to finish his story. His camp was raided by local GSPD at 4 a.m. during the week of July 27th. Police apparently were not searching for him but mistakenly another person whose bicycle was found nearby. Bradley voluntarily left the area heading southwest to an area more ‘user friendly.’



The motto of “The Dailey Sun” is ‘Feliz! Feliz! Feliz!’ or ‘Happy, happy, happy!’





Lois reports from Aspen than the rock-a-billy style of the Necromaniacs was a huge hit the weekend of July 26. The outdoor concert was indescribable great!

The Necromaniacs played at the Howling Dog in Rifle August 15.




Shooters’ which has already received national press coverage is across the street from the soon-to-be-famous Base Camp Cafe. Both restaurants are located a half block east of Railroad Avenue and The Big Kid’s corner bar.

The Base Camp Cafe has estimated that during just one year they will serve up: Over 8,000 pounds of hamburger, 14 tons of hash brown potatoes, about 225,000 eggs (that if placed in a line would be 10.6 miles long), over 36,000 biscuits, and 4.75 tons of bacon.



In Rifle (on July 23):                In Glenwood Springs:

85 Octane = $3.69.9                85 Octane = $3.72.9

87 Octane = $3.95.9                87 Octane = $3.92.9

91 Octane = $4.10.9                91 Octane = $4.12.9

#2 Diesel = $3.89.9                  #2 Diesel = $3.99.9


Copyright MMXIV – D. A. D. Publishing & Associates

“The Dailey Sun-Times” News Group of the Western Slope of the Rocky Mountains

Post Office Box 777; Glenwood Springs, Colorado 81602-0777



issue #2 – the late Sunday edition of The Dailey Sun-Times’ Trib.

Max's Scout Services & Communications of the Americas WebBlog

The Dailey Times-Tribune  July 13, 2014

photo by Josef Paul Kocy inside St. Mary's Cathedral in Rome photo by Josef Paul Kocy inside St. Mary’s Cathedral in Rome

– Sunday, July 13, 2014 – Full Moon Edition

Bulletin: Local News Hot Flashes

  • Riders in the Sky – Ute Theatre – 132 East Fourth Street (4th St.) This Friday – July 18, 2014, in Rifle, Colorado – Already A Sellout! Delightful and entertaining musicians!
  • Vaudeville on Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs. Dinner theatre seating still available for this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the 20th. Funny, fun, laughter! Only $22 for seniors.
  • “Save Luke Fund” formed to help disabled resident with medical, rehabilitation, and legal costs. Helpful people may submit non-deductible donations in care of First Bank on Grand Avenue (located south of Kim’s Consignment, Turtle’s, Taco Bell, and north of the new Sweet Coloradough and Bradley-Sinclair) to Account # 2671-22-3.
  • New illustrator/political cartoonist sought for

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The Western Town That NEVER Sleeps [New York Springs City!?!] – Naw, Jus’ Call It Defiance Crossing, Coloradough

… and yep, we have the best donut (yeast and cake and French) west of the North American continental divide… Just come on in at 5:00 a.m. MDT, south of Glenwood Springs, off of California Highway 82. It is an ‘exquisite eatery’ called Coloradough, specializing in mile-high baked breads, cakes, doughnuts, and other surprises.

Nowadays, this sleepy city of over 9,000 inhabitants, 4,000 tourists, and millions of insects does not sleep anymore… as of June 2014. If you get caught asleep in town, someone with either threaten you or throw you in jail. Recent experiences have shown that no help is given even innocent defendants or victims of misdeeds for either (a) A speedy trial as guaranteed by the US Constitution, or b) Offer of representation of a competent attorney as nominally practiced as code throughout the other 51 states (including Puerto Rico and Costa Rica).




And the Winner is: The Riviera restaurant! Location, Location, Location = 7th Street Across the Stationhous

Riviera Club Dining, Lounge, Gallery & Restaurant

Review by The Dailey Sun-Times (GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO – Friday, July 25, 2014)

“Our Top-Five Menu Choices for our California-Chicago Zephyr Amtrak Stop-Over”

(preferences are not listed in any particular order)

“Greens” White Mushroom Salad

This salad is typically served with the Riviera’s special Citronette dressing, sunflower sprouts, shredded Swiss cheese, and organic garden fresh tomatoes.

Two portions are available:

Side Salad (known locally as “The Riviera Club Size”) = $7.00 or “Full Size” = $13.00

Order shrimp or salmon ($5 extra) or grilled chicken breast strips ($3 extra) to go with the White Mushroom Salad.

= = = =


Sesame Chicken Skewers

The Chef would like to serve the Sesame Chicken Skewers with both

a spicy peanut and the Rivera’s sweet chile dipping sauces.

All this for only nine ($9) bucks!

= = = =


Mable’s Prime Rib Sandwich  frccr is fabulous!

The Rivera’s signature prime rib shaved thin, with bacon, onion, mushroom mix, melted Swiss cheese, and au jus sauce… for only $13

BTW, all sandwiches come with your choice of fries or RIV Salad

= = = =

Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre

The Riviera’s Beef Tenderloin Au Poivre comes with roasted potatoes and sautéed spinach.

A large portion is $27.00 with both side dishes.

The “club size” portion is only $18.00.

= = = =

And the #1 best seller is the …

The Riviera’s unique Grilled Chicken Sandwich

With marinated Portobello mushrooms,

Grilled seasonal vegetables,

Basil Mayo and Cambozola cheese.

With a choice of fries or the Riv salad, it will only set you back eleven ($11) bucks.

= = = =

copyright MMXIV

Riviera via D.A.D. Publishing & Associates

[for musement only]

Buck @ (312) 237-0386

P. O. Box 777,

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Monday’s July 21st Issue of The Dailey Telegraph-Tribune

The Dailey Telegraph – Tribune
July 21, 2014 –  St. Bud Day!  –  Monday’s Rise & Shine 5-Star Edition
Bulletin: All-News, Sports, and Weather Hot Flashes

The famous Glenwood Hot Springs is to be featured in the next Sunday issue. Keep your eyes out for the August 3rd edition of “The Dailey Times-Tribune.” Price is only two bucks. You’d have to pay $7.00 plus sales tax for the New York Times Sunday edition; and it wouldn’t even have news about James Garfield County and the local librarians. 

On the 27th of July is the Wedding Reception of the Dailey Sun’s Publisher Buck. 

The Dailey bride and groom have a Bridal Registry at the Kum and Go.

There are two (2) seats available at the tables set at the Village Inn this Sunday afternoon. Interested in joining the lottery? E-mail your contact information directly to Buck (at You may be chosen to help eat a splendid two-layer wedding cake prepared by Sweet Coloradough. Yep, there will be a no-host bar at Buck and his Bride’s (her name remains confidential) wedding reception. 

Happy Birthday Anniversary for Saint Buddy Schultz, a longtime Chicago Bear, White Sox, and Black Hawk fan, who also loved being in the Rocky Mountains.  His lovely wife and two grown daughters survive him in Chicagoland. Dear St. Buddy served the falsely accused man (and women) in the courts of Chicago for nearly 40 years! During the summer of 2008, (as a member of the Cook County Democratic Party, his buddies supported the first election of Illinois favorite son Barack Obama and (this Publisher’s and Teddy’s favorite ’08 candidate) U. S. Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, he suffered a heart attack and major stroke while orating his client’s Superior Court case. Leonard A. “Bud” Schultz, Jr. would have celebrated his 40th wedding anniversary with dear Mary Christine this week had St. Buddy lived to the age of 68. 

Choo-Choo Traffic:  It was 3:19 a.m. MDT, Friday, July 18, another Union Pacific- Burlington Northern freight train was headed westbound through Rifle. Looks like the same train that Thursday evening went eastbound to the Summit. Same engines, same configuration, same 52 half-full coal cars, go figure.

Lost and Found in James Garfield County 

Lost: The “Save Luke Fund” has been formed by five Board of Directors to help a disabled Colorado resident with medical, rehabilitation, and legal costs. Please submit non-deductible donations in care of the First Bank on Grand Avenue (located south of Turtle’s, Taco Bell, City Market and north of Sweet Coloradough bake-house and Bradley-Sinclair gas-convenience stop) to Dailey Account # 2671-22-xxxx. 

Looking for contractors and employees for The Dailey Globe/Planet/Telegraph, Times- Tribune, Chronicle, and Sun-Times part-time positions… Interested parties, parents, job developers, and agents should correspond to P. O. Box 777, Glenwood Springs, Colorado (81602-0777). Applicants must be at least 14 years-old or have car insurance. 

Found: The new illustrator/political cartoonist for The Dailey Sun newspapers is not  Bridget Jones or Garry Trudeaux. Sorry folks, but the position was filled the first day it was announced. The winner is Mr. Carey Smith. Stay focused with the papers for some fantastic drawings and ideas. 

Sometimes life, green grass, the opposite sex, and hot food appears better on the other side of the street.  For instance, because of their manager’s permissive policy of allowing waitresses to wear pistols to work, Shooters Grill of the Town of Rifle, Colorado, has received local acclaim and more than five minutes of national fame. Along the same side of the street is a restaurant property for lease. On the other side of the street is an excellent morning diner – Base Camp Café at 120 East Third Street – that the international press (except for us) seem to be ignoring. The publisher could not begin to finish his portion served on Friday morning. The hot skillet entrees are splendid with the country breakfast potatoes, side of green chili, and the mile high-altitude baked biscuits. 

Mr. Luke is no longer in critical condition. Chronicle and The Dailey Planet Reporter “Lois Lane” writes that Luke has broken his pelvis, has come out of a coma, and will remain in an undisclosed Denver hospital for a longer period of time. Luke was helicoptered from Valley View Medical and Cancer Center on the night of Wednesday, July 1, following a 25 to 30-foot fall from the Grand Avenue-State Highway 82 Colorado River pedestrian bridge. Onlookers reported that police may have waited over 3 to 23 minutes after Luke’s fall to call for ambulance assistance. 

Arby’s calls it quits in Glenwood Springs. After years and years of serving it up next to Wendy’s and Sinclair gas, the International Beef Company had its final day of operation on South Grand Sunday the 20th of July. 

Joe continues his European pilgrimage. Although the Dailey Sun-Times’ Publisher was unable to travel farther east of the Rocky Mountains on June 9th, his best man Josef Paul Kocy visited Vatican City during the week of July 6th and was in Venice this past Monday. Note one his fine photo of the altar inside St. Mary’s Church in Venice. Prayers to St. Mary saved the City of Venice from a major plague during the 15th Century.

 Rotary Club hosts musical picnic at Twin Rivers Park after the 2014 Colorado River Clean-Up. Almost 100 local citizens enjoyed the noontime festivities on Saturday, July 19th following three hours of environmental straightening up. Food was prepared by over six restaurant and brewery sponsors, including Lost Cajun Joe and Peppino’s Pizza found near Glenwood Springs Senior High School.

Vaudeville on Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs. Dinner theatre seating still available for this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday the 19th. Funny, fun, laughter! 

Faceburgering from “Sweet Coloradough” — South Glenwood Springs, Coloradough 81602-2430
Travis – of the town’s 7-11 on Grand Avenue Shop – was sighted inside this bakery before 6 a.m. last Saturday the 11th. What donut variety he ordered to consume is protected by our 2nd and 4th Amendment rights. If you want to know, go ask Travis some evening yourself! 

Prime Minister Merkel displaces President Barack Obama as “Leader of the Free World.” Already the combined economy with the federation of former lands of Nazi Germany and Communist Germany had supplanted the United States of America as #1 in the world. Now that Germany has won the 2014 FIFA World Cup of international soccer from the likes of South America, German Prime Minister Andrea Merkel is now arguably the most powerful political person on earth (despite the fact that the USA armed forces are superior and the Israeli intelligence community is slightly more advanced).  

Riders in the Sky happening at the newly-renovated Ute Theatre on Friday, July 18, 2014, in remarkable Rifle, Colorado, was not only a sellout but a knockout! Woody Paul and the other three famous western ballad singers… Such delightful and entertaining musicians! 

As seen on the sidewalk window of Shooters Grill of Rifle:

“Guns are welcome.

Please keep all weapons holstered unless the need arises.

In such case, judicious marksmanship is appreciated.”

The motto of “The Dailey Sun” is ‘Feliz! Feliz! Feliz!’ or ‘Happy, happy, happy!’ All Rights Reserved – Copyright MMXIV
D. A. D. Publishing & Associates // d.b.a. “The Dailey Sun-Times”
Trademark rights of logo are property of Amelia Kraft, The Dailey Sun, David Arthur Dailey Publishing & Associates (registered in Indiana, Colorado, and California), and Max’s Scout Services & Communications of the Americas, LLC .
[ for musement only ]

Five Board Members + Two Alternates (serve if member is out-of-town):
Purpose of Luke’s Fund

  1.  Aid the Homelessness/Houseless/Apartmen-tless
  2. Local Population Around Glenwood Springs, Colorado.
  3.  Direct financial resources to help Luke cover his unexpected, uninsurable portion of medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, correct manageable issues which led to his injuries, pay for any legal costs, facilitate future transportation needs, and improve his chronic health conditions.
  4. Provide resources in order to ensure that justice within Garfield County is well-served.
     Raise a more accurate local public awareness of many contributing causes and reasons which led to Luke’s accident, circumstances, and subsequent medical needs.