Sometimes Thoughts and Prayers are Not Enough

The Dailey Sun~Chronicles

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Volume VIII, Issue 60                                  10 – 30 – 2019                         ***** Edition


Evangelical Issue


[Menlo Park Church, Northern California] – With the assistance of the ‘men of integrity’ of our Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study Fellowship, we came up with some practical techniques to get latent Christians active and spread The Word. Many families have issues with relatives and close friends that do not regularly read, sing, or worship during these contemporary times.

Our Presidential corruption has been a catalyst for normalizing lying (violation of the 7th Commandment), failing to honor our earthly parents (sin of the 4th Commandment), swearing and cursing (contrary to the 2nd Commandment), or failing to follow any of the other seven Commandments.

It breaks the heart of a Christian when people they care about do not follow the teachings and customs of our Holy Church. Other than sending thoughts and prayers, the men in attendance at last weekend’s meeting offered some ideas of what has been successful for them.

Abraham visited by angels


Angels Visiting Abraham (Father of All Faiths)




Here are a few suggestions, which are NOT pushy or appear to be bullying:


  1. Wait for an ‘open door.’ Approach non-practicing people when it is a good time.


  1. Ask other Christians to help even though they offer up prayers in your absence.


  1. Take one from the book of Reverend Ron Richie. Be bold and ask strangers, “Do you know Jesus Christ?”


  1. Like Christ, speak in parables. Tell short stories that your audience can relate, which have a lesson to live by.


  1. Be ‘a light.’ Become an example of a great person that they might want to emulate. Demonstrate your outward journey of evangelism.


  1. Serve others in their time of need, particularly when the giver has nothing to gain.


  1. Utilize your own faith, talent, treasure, and time.


  1. Demonstrate true peace, joy, and the abundant life, grace, and mercy of God.


  1. Recruit others into a ministry serving the poor, homeless, hungry, jailed, atheists, seniors, children, (dis)abled, or other needy people.



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