The Dailey Sun~Chronicles 8-18-18

In the North American Wild West . . .

Dateline: Salt Lake City, Utah

Police are looking for owner of a loaded .380-pistol found on a baby changing table in the aquarium women’s bathroom. Authorities are unsure whether to file charges but are determined to return the gun to its owner.


Dateline: Tacoma, Washington

A group dedicated to fighting white supremacy in the community is behind a new billboard that reads, “There are Nazis in Our Neighborhood.” The group has already removed offensive fliers and protested a local business.


Dateline: Reno, Nevada

A suspected drunken driver was arrested going the wrong way on Interstate 80 after side-swiping two cars, including a Nevada Highway Patrol cruiser. The driver eventually exited the freeway, lost control and crossed four lanes of traffic before stopping on the sidewalk.

                                                            =          =          =

Along the North Atlantic Coast . . .


Dateline: Auburn, Maine

The local police department is going to start shaming shoplifters by posting mug shots online in order to deal with their “out-of-control” problem.


Dateline: Waldo, Florida

After being #1 for almost a quarter of a century, the towns of Lawtey and Waldo are no longer being designated by AAA as “Traffic Traps.”

                                                            =          =          =


Remembering Last Summer’s Solar Eclipse



In the American Heartland . .

Dateline: Columbus, Ohio

The Libertarian Party of Ohio has regained state recognition for the first time in nearly four years. Libertarians have submitted more than the 54,964 signatures need to regain ‘minor party’ status.


Dateline: Chattanooga, Tennessee

The state’s largest health insurers are cutting premiums for individual plans under the Affordable Care Act’s health care exchange market. Blue Shield plans a 10.9% reduction and Cigna premiums will drop 4.8%.


Dateline: Fargo, North Dakota

The Fargo Public Library is eliminating overdue fines for all children’s materials in an effort to increase literacy.


Dateline: Madison, Wisconsin

The state could rake in an additional $90 million in Internet sales taxes this fiscal year if lawmakers start collection this fall. $120 million is estimated to be Wisconsin’s take during 2019.


Dateline: Peru, Indiana

State Police drug busts have netted what they call “Donald J. Trump-shaped” ecstasy pills.

trump scream

                                                                        =          =          =

Elsewhere in the United State of America . . .

Dateline: Also in Chattanooga

Sixty-year-old Jonathan Manlove has filed a class-action lawsuit against Volkswagen’s auto plant claiming age discrimination.


Dateline: Las Vegas

Democrats are outpacing Republicans in voter registrations for a third straight month capturing an 8,623 to 5,830 edge over the G.O.P. in the county.



Dateline: Los Angeles

Silver Lake Medical Center is suspected of discharging hundreds of homeless patients and dumping sick people back on the streets. The Center has agreed to pay a $550,000.00 legal settlement.


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Volume VII, Issue 18                                  

8 – 18 – 18                  

Saturday’s ***** Edition     


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