The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles – Memorial Day 2018 Issue


“All the Good News”                                                                                                                                                                                          “News You Can Use”

“No Rumors, No Fakes – Just the Facts, Jack!”

“Newspapers are worth at least the price you pay; if it is free, it is worth nothing”

Volume VII, Issue 7             Monday, May 28, 2018                    ***** Edition  Only $1


TWWTW: That Was the Week That Was in America


In the North American Wild West . . .


Dateline: Cheyenne, Wyoming

For the first time in over 44 years, the Game and Fish Commission approved grizzly bear hunting. Opponents are disturbed that the animal’s population might grow extinct while being targeted by the NRA.


Dateline: Roswell, New Mexico

The Senior Special Olympics need 500 more volunteers for the scheduled games which run from July 18 to July 22, 2018.


Dateline: Denver, Colorado

A record was set in the sale of recreational marijuana. In March, it hit the $105 million mark.

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Along the North Atlantic Coast . .

Dateline: Tallahassee, Florida

The state crime rate has hit a 47 year all-time low. The shootings at high schools did not figure into the statistics.

Dateline: Providence, Rhode Island

The Roman Catholic diocese reports that no man has signed up for the Class of 2020 seminary school, which resumes this fall.

                                                           =          =         

In the American Heartland . .

Dateline: Indianapolis, Indiana

Besides the fact that a foreigner (Australian #12 Will Power) won the Indianapolis 500, some find it odd that Hoosier gas station owners are training staff to identify patrons and report them to police if they indeed think buyers are involved in human trafficking.

Dateline: Lincoln, Nebraska

A hearing is scheduled whether to restore Nebraska’s mountain lion hunting season. The season was stopped six years ago. Why? The NRA is looking into it.

Dateline: Bolivar, Missouri

87-year-old J. Donald Baker died after piloting a single engine airplane. The refuge landed at the Silo Ridge Golf Course. Observers wonder if he was late for his tee-time.


                                                                        =          =         

Elsewhere in the United State of America . .

New Yorker Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Championship!  Odds are unlikely that despite the efforts of two dozen Republican congresspersons, reigning President Donald J. Trump will receive any peace prize.

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“The San Dailey Sun~Chronicles”


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