My Bucket List

“The Bucket List”

Looks like one I would have written 35 years ago…

28 and Counting...

I’ve often heard people say, “I’ll add it to my bucket list” and I’ve wondered, do people actually make bucket lists? Full confession: I’m a list person. I crave reminder notes; I live to cross items off my to-do lists; and my entire life is organized on a calendar. This is partly because I have a terrible memory and partly because it helps me to organize and prioritize.

However, one list that I’ve never created (until now) is the infamous bucket list. What my list seeks to do is tangibly outline my goals and dreams to ensure they stay top-of-mind amidst the flurry of day-to-day life. The items on my list need to be things I can cross off and not things like, “continue to learn” or “be a good person.” That kind of work is never done. My list is there to make sure that I can be happy with how I’ve chosen to spend my time, whether it’s because I gave back, strengthened…

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