American Tobacco: Point — Counterpoint

Reprint from 3 years ago..

Still true.

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A Satirical Look Inside the Smoke-Filled Room

If second-hand smoke filled rooms were as dangerous as some indicate, I would have died before my fifth birthday!

Heck, even vitamin supplements can be hazardous to our health. There are not any laws against taking too many vitamins. Have you not read that unhealthy vitamin levels seems to predispose people to (1) diarrhea, (2) broken bones, (3) uncontrolled bleeding, (4) nerve damage, and (5) poor diet. Some imbibers think that by taking vitamins they can ignore eating a good balanced diet.

Respect for All

Respect is a two-way street. Why cannot non-smokers show more respect? Don’t you think that most smokers have already learned to respect non-smokers?

Politics & Public Relations

The Smoking Dilemma, particularly since the 1980s, has become a political and public relations issue. There has been fear mongering in the media. In California, anti-smoking TV ads are indeed financed…

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