A True Story That You May Find Humorous

It was a warm July afternoon along the boarding area at the Springs Amtrak depot. The middle-aged man, not accustomed to the high altitude, was sucking air by breathing through his mouth. So thirsty, Frank headed as quick as he could into the station for a drink.


Just a drink of Rocky Mountain high water would help his dehydration. Real drinks and cocktails being served across 6th Street. Oh yea, Frank was almost there for relief.

In the first pew, a strawberry blond in her 20s was seated alone. After trading stares into her reddened, soggy, emerald-green eyes, Frank was spellbound and stopped.

Frank was terribly nearsighted without glasses. Even though he was seriously visually impaired, he could plainly see poor Allyson.

Young Allyson looked as if she was crying her eyes out.

Frank shyly spoke up, “May I help you in any way?”

“I don’t imagine how. I have to get on the next train.”

“You know this Amtrak California Zephyr is a pretty nice ride.”

“Oh, it is not that. I do not know when I will ever see my boyfriend again.”

After Frank set his body gently next to her he wondered and softly spoke up, “What’s up? Is he back home or somewhere around the train station?”

“Travis is working along the river this entire summer and I have to go to work.”

Frank felt a rage of adrenaline in his blood and rapidly asked, “Do you work nearby? Could you call in sick? Can you return to the Springs soon?”

Allyson paused then replied, “I manage a bar and grill in upstate New York and must be there by Monday.”

“You know the train is running late. Things aren’t as bad as it seems. Why don’t you take a walk around town and give Travis a call?”

To Be Continued . . .

Will Grandma Barbara pick up Ally at the train station?

Will Travis (this is not his real name) quit his summer job and travel east to be with Ally?

Find out about Ally’s opinion and reckoning with death..

Will Ally dye her red hair?

copyright 2014

Max’s Scout Services & Communications, LLC

D. A. D. Publishing & Associates of Colorado

[ for musement only]



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