Why Won’t Local Police (GSPD) Leave Homeless People Alone


The Dailey Sun-Times-Chronicles/ news group, David A. Dailey (heretofore named Publisher), and members of the homeless community of Glenwood Springs have suffered indignities, surprising criminal arraignments, and have had their civil rights violated by the actions of the City Police Department and because of the unconstitutional local ordinances made by the City Councilmen.

The City of Glenwood Springs Police and Fire Departments have violated the Federal Freedom of Information Act by withholding and not submitting information to the public and press.

  • Not respecting the federal Freedom of Information Act, on July 17, the Administrative Assistant to the Fire Department Chief of the GSFD told Publisher Dailey that the feasibility of providing the logs was under the Fire Chief and staff’s consideration. She mentioned that it may be difficult and painstaking to remove confidential HIPA-protected information from their records.
  • Other newspapers in the area (Aspen Daily News; Aspen Times) regularly publish police calls. The Post Independent in Glenwood Springs has not during 2014.
  • It is believed that 13 Amendments to the United States Constitution have been recently violated by the City lawmakers and Glenwood Springs Police Department. Jailing citizens for sleeping in public – the plaintiffs assert – is unconstitutional.

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