The Western Town That NEVER Sleeps [New York Springs City!?!] – Naw, Jus’ Call It Defiance Crossing, Coloradough

… and yep, we have the best donut (yeast and cake and French) west of the North American continental divide… Just come on in at 5:00 a.m. MDT, south of Glenwood Springs, off of California Highway 82. It is an ‘exquisite eatery’ called Coloradough, specializing in mile-high baked breads, cakes, doughnuts, and other surprises.

Nowadays, this sleepy city of over 9,000 inhabitants, 4,000 tourists, and millions of insects does not sleep anymore… as of June 2014. If you get caught asleep in town, someone with either threaten you or throw you in jail. Recent experiences have shown that no help is given even innocent defendants or victims of misdeeds for either (a) A speedy trial as guaranteed by the US Constitution, or b) Offer of representation of a competent attorney as nominally practiced as code throughout the other 51 states (including Puerto Rico and Costa Rica).





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